Sunday, September 9, 2007

web 2.0

I think this video means that we need to think about the way we communicate a lot more than we are right now. It seems to suggest that one day we might even study this with the same meticulousness that we use to study literature and poetry. It seems to suggest that putting a word HERE instead of

Here…means something (along with its font, sizing, and orientation. This little film seems to contend that many, if not most people who communicate digitally, aren’t aware of this medium’s power to mean. I think Web 2.0 means that people entering the workforce should exploit its power more, and be more aware of what they are communicating. I also believe that people who are already in the workforce cannot ignore its power, and should also try to use it effectively. That said, the title seems to mean that we are entering a new era, and that this is a different type of medium. It isn’t the web that people played with, chatted idly on in the 90’s. It has evolved, and now, so should we.

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