Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quiesha in Ten Years?!?

It is really hard for me to think about what I will be doing in next week, let alone in the next ten years. I don't like to plan. I do know that even though I will be a real adult in 10 years, with bills to prove it, I don't want to loose "me." I don't like to plan, I like awkward moments and awkward people, movies that don't end happily, occasionally causing mischief, painting my nails black, painting, sketching, traveling, and most importantly freedom. I don't want being a responsible adult to be the reason why I lose any of that...and a thousand other things I didn't mention. Ten years from now I might not be an architect. I might not even make it back to grad school. I might not have time to go to bartending school. I might not be a mother. I might not have a "kadrillionbillionzillion" dollars in the bank. I might not help save a few kids in Africa or even in the US. I might not be able to buy my mom a huge house, and my dad that BMW (those are his initials). But, none of these things would really bother me as much as losing me. So, in ten years I want to be happy, and myself. Hopefully, I will be able to get those other things too, though. ;-)

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SASH said...

ok really...who's more awkward? :)

i hear you girl! thinking about 10 years from now scares the living *you know what* out of me!