Friday, December 7, 2007


When working with a client based project just be sure that you are excited about what you are doing. If you are excited about your work, the client will probably be excited about your work, and you will work harder, and create a more interesting project.

Also, be sure to pick your group members based on attitude, and their schedules. If you work best when the sun is out, pick group members that can work during this time.

Keep a positive attitude, and everything will be ok. Take advantage of the time your have to perfect your resume, get as many critiques as you can, and be sure to take advantage of creating a portfolio that works.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break was great. I haven't had a real break since school began, so I really appreciated the time to do whatever I wanted. I didn't get to watch A Christmas Story, but it still wasn't bad. I saw This Christmas, which was pretty good. It made me smile. Overall, not a bad break, and definitely much needed. Time to finish the semester, tie some loose ends, and go to San Francisco for Christmas. Oh, and of course live for today. :-)

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I understand why they would want a person to be a better "fit" in companies, but I fear that if they make decisions based on whether or not other employees like them, they are going to lose a lot of good people. Diversity will be an issue in companies that choose their employees this way. Would an international canididate have as good of a chance of being a good "fit" with the company, as a native? Honestly, this procedure scares me. If companies do this to weed out the social misfits, they should also be a aware that more applicates might similiarly weed them out, if they are not offering extremely competitive packages.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dual Coding

I would like to begin by saying that I don't really watch tv any more. I hardly ever see commercials, so I don't really have several new examples to pull from, BUT I did see an amazing commercial the other day. The Vaseline "Sea of Skin" commercial definitely uses dual coding theory, you can look at it here:

The images are striking, interesting, and maybe a little shocking. They were very artistic to me. It also has a very calming voice praising skin, and what it does for us. The person speaking appealed to my emotions/used pathos. It was nice. I don't do much tv, but remembered this commercial because of the images...and that voice. They both worked together. His voice fit the images, and neither would have been as effective without the other.

I believe that this commercial uses Dual Coding effectively. I imagine that it would have been less effective if 50 Cent had been the narrator. That would have just been distracting, and I might not have perused the images properly; I might have even started singing "In the Club." The calm voice, soothing music, and stimulating images worked well together, and definitely helped the audience remember that Vaseline is all about the skin.

I enjoyed that commercial. :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Group Work

I normally avoid group work. Previously, I always said that I like all of my successes and failures to be mine, but they never are, right? This experience has taught me that I work harder in groups. I try harder because if I don't do well, it not only effects me, it effects the other people in my group.

We try really hard to collaborate, and everyone has a chance to use their ideas. We actually mesh really well. In order for us to be more successful, I am going to work harder, and take more initiative.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Interview Response

Overall, I think my interview on Monday went well. I was able to answer all of the questions, but I did stammer a little, and I caught myself touching my face. (Today I learned that people normally touch their faces when they are lying.) My cover letter, and resume could have been better, and I really wish that my portfolio was completely done....but are resumes ever done? I also could have came up with a better question, than a question about promotions in the company. Anyway it was a learning experience, and I think that it will make me a little more relaxed when I finally get that interview that will change my life. :-) :-/ :-O

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Chicago was a lot of fun. Anytime I get to escape Clemson is fun for me. I thought that I would feel small because of all the skyscrapers, but I didn't. It was nice. We went on an architecture tour, saw the ITT campus, and saw Unity Temple and the home Frank Lloyd Wright.

While it was fun doing all that stuff, I was happiest roaming around the city alone, and stopping at random places. Is that odd? My favorite finds were this Asian Café not far from our hotel, the shopping district on Monroe and State, Akira, and a hot dog shop called Giglianos, or something like that, that was absolutely amazing. I want to go back, soon.