Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Writing Habits (Poetry)

I do not have any writing habits, and I hate schedules. Poetry is one of the few things I can do whenever I want, wherever I want. Since I just write when something jars me, I find myself scribbling on napkins or gum wrappers about the sensuality of eating or the slant of some boy’s eyes. In all honesty, I’m sure I could benefit from structure. Small wads of paper tend to end up in the trash, but I love the freedom of writing when I think I can be profound. So don’t be shocked if you find church programs that have been blessed by the movement of my hands, or if you find a receipt with my ramblings about how America has created a new kind of bondage for its retail loving people. I’m not crazy, but I am insanely attached to the way I feel seconds before I write I poem; and I love the fact that my best work isn’t a result of the level of the sun or the shape of my surroundings. It’s the product the rhythm of my fingers, a quickened heartbeat, and a heightened awareness. It’s a product of me.

This is a little pretentious, but true. I wish everything in my life was this simple and free.


Angie_R said...

Lol - we share more than an admiration for Amy Winehouse's music! I do the same thing. I've lost some poems that I probably should have kept, but there's just something REAL about writing on whatever's there... a napkin, a gum wrapper... I don't think I've used a bulletin at church, however. Our pastor would notice, lol!

D_Le said...

Hey Quiesha I wrote a blog about your presentation it was one the ones that stuck out in my mind because I love Amy Winehouse's music lol.

Colin said...

Quiesha, I also wrote about your presentation in my blog. Great presentation and Amy Winehouse is awesome!